What Does Fall Mean for Your Pooch?

It’s sweater weather for you, why not for your dog?  This fall don’t be shy to bundle up your best friend with some fun/funny attire.  

Nothing to be bashful about.  If you’ve got a small dog, chances are it can get cold in the fall/winter.  Though they may not appreciate you dressing them up, they’ll appreciate the warmth.  Have some fun and dress up your pooch. 

Not to mention, if you live in a populated city where it snows, like Buffalo, NYC, or Chicago, the overkill of salt on the roads and sidewalks is really bad for your dog’s paws.  Don’t be afraid to throw on some hilarious boots for him/her.  Who knows if they’ll hate you for that, and you can certainly guarantee the neighborhood dogs will be making fun of them, but you’ll be laughing the entire time you walk them.


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