Stay Healthy This Fall With These Tips

Remember the Atkins diet?  Where you were not able to eat a single carb in your diet?  I believe it would work, sure, but I also believe there are more enjoyable fads and trends (when it comes to dieting) that are affective.  Follow these health and diet tips to keep your body feeling good and looking good:

1. Carbs are in- If dieting were a fashion trend, “Carbs would be so hot right now”, as the kids say it.  Carbs are okay to eat, it’s just a matter of eating the right ones.  Here are some carbs to consider including in your diet, or replacing for others:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown Rice
  • Green peas/leafy veggies
  • Whole Grains (even bread)

2. Cut Gluten Out!  I told someone recently I avoided gluten and they responded asking me if I had food allergies.  I said, “No asshole, I just want to live longer and healthier.”  Don’t think that gluten doesn’t affect you if you do not have some sort of allergy to it.  The shit is bad for you.  It clogs you up, it breaks you down, and it should be limited in your diet.  Here are some solutions:

  • Buy gluten free bread, pasta, and look for labels on product that advertise their items being GF (gluten free) Certified.
  • Substitute your snacks with gluten free snacks.  I recently discovered Terra Vegetable chips and they are outstanding.  I eat the whole bag in one sitting, so the health benefits decline, but look into this.

3. No Pop- Drink water instead.  Seriously, stop drinking pop, diet or not.

4. Morning, lunch, dinner 10 minute workouts: I work out after work.  However, a valuable thing to do, to help with the day is to section off ten minute workouts at each meal point of your day.

  • In the morning, wake up, and do 200+ crunches on a ball or on the floor.
  • Lunch: Do some yoga via YouTube and get your body loose and stretched.  Chances are you’ve been sitting too long.
  • Dinner: Cardio however you want it.  Run, stairs, bike, air box, whatever.  10 minutes of it.  It will help.

One thought on “Stay Healthy This Fall With These Tips

  1. Thank you for the tips, although I would caution you on the gluten free thing. While it may seem like a good idea, doctors are almost universally discouraging gluten free diets for people who do not have any form of gluten allergy. The repercussions of cutting out gluten are not nearly fully understood, and often the snacks and products that are labeled “gluten free” are actually much worse for you than the original product, given the various types of replacements that are utilized. Of course, it could very-well be that in 5 years you will be able to point to this comment and tell me I was crazy and wrong. But, I think caution is in order in this case. See the following link for an article on the issue:

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