A Trend This Fall… Will You Participate?

As the seasons change, so do styles and trends.  One big trend this fall is the bright colors. If you’ve read my posts, you know I’m not talking florals, rather the blues, burgundies, oranges, greens, etc.  However, another trend that is setting in this fall is camouflage.  

Please hear me when I say, that does not give you permission to pull out those baggy cargo/camo shorts you never should have bought in the first place.  Put those right in the fire place.  When I refer to camo this season, I am referring to denim, shirts, and jackets.

I am not the biggest supporter of camouflage, so don’t expect to see me strutting around in it too much.  I am partial to it because it is one of those trends that is so in for one minute and then so out the next.  It could literally be popular for a week and then never to be heard from again (hopefully this doesn’t sound like you in high school).

Camo I support:

Jeans- After various trade shows in Vegas and New York, I’ve seen a good display of camo pants, particularly denim.  They are certainly doable.  And just because I say camouflage, doesn’t mean I’m strictly referring to the stereotypical green/brown/black combinations.  There are different blue, red, or multi-colored camos.  If you do give in to this trend, please be aware you cannot abuse it.  This is a once a month kind of wear.

Jackets- Denim camouflage jackets can look good with the right fit and the right build.  Be aware of this.  If you don’t match up, it could look silly.  You need to understand what to wear with it as well.  A simple V-neck T will look good and so will a solid shirt and tie. 


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