How To Style A Receding Hairline

Most men tend to think that the longer they keep their hair, the more potential they have to cover up their hairlines.  This is not the case.  You’re more likely to look like the old skeleton dude from Tales of the Crypt Keeper if you pull this move too hard.

1. The key to a receding hairline hairdo is to keep it high and tight.  That is not to say you can’t have some length on the top of your head, but it may be wiser to keep your sides and back trimmed down neatly.  You don’t need to buzz your bottom half, but keeping it clean is key.  

2. Don’t be afraid to use a hair dryer.  A hair dryer will make your hair (everywhere) look fuller and have more volume.  I recommend some sort of slick, comb over, or a quaff look.  Poofing it up can show those hairlines more than you’d like.  You can tell your stylist/barber to leave a little length on your hair where your hairline is so that if you want to push some to the front and use it as a little cover up, you can. 

3. Embrace it.  There’s no shame with having a hairline that recedes or being bald.  There are ways to master every look.  Don’t think you’re misfortunate because you may have one of these characteristics.  Just figure out how to master it.  If it’s time to rock the Bruce Willis, shaved head look, do it right.  Learn how to have some fun with your facial hair at that point.  


8 thoughts on “How To Style A Receding Hairline

    • You’d be worrying about them coming after you with their faces off, raw nerves exposed, pursuing you in an unending orgy of destruction with only one aim – to get their faces back.

      • Well, here’s the thing about T.. While we consider it a mliacre worker, it can’t do mliacres on its own. You will get results, but they may not be the results you want. For example, I wanted more masculine looking forarms, and instead I got a hairy back. Five years later, my body type hasn’t changed. But my body has. And yours has too. The real issue is that we don’t see the changes in ourselves, honestly, it’s quite ironic We spend those first days, weeks, months obsessing over every new hair, every muscle ache, every tiny change That when we step back, we don’t see the metamorphosis as a whole. And I think the greatest disservice the trans community does to itself is in the embellishing we do when we tell the stories of our own triumphant changes on T. It’s true that people will experience a wide variety of results on T; this is mostly a matter or your own genes, so you can’t compare yourself to others and expect mirror results. And let’s be honest here, we all know guys who say things like, four months on T and now my dick is 3.5 inches. and we know those guys are full of ***t.

  1. Hmmm.. I absolutely diiksle those questions and its a vicious vicious circle.After all of 2 1/2 months of marriage the q now is 1) How is married life? from friends especially2) When are the kids coming? from the parents/in lawsAgggh!My reply is stock standard A1) No diff from single life A2) When you guys come over here to look after em I enjoy work too much to give it up for some rugrats.Naturally the next q from A2 is your not getting any younger, at least have 1 Sigh.

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