Doing This Can Save Your Day

Whether at work, home, or on the road, you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected.  Sometimes, those unexpected things can be misfortunes such as spilling your coffee, staining your shirt, or ripping a button off your jacket/pants.  Other events can be last minute dinner invites, whether from your boss or friends, formal introductions to partners, or a last minute Skype call to your boss.  All of these events are very realistic possibilities.  That’s why it is best to be prepared with this tip:

Keep a stash of clothes at work!  As I’ve blabbed about before, I now watch the TV show Suits and a young lawyer in the show, Mike Ross has used this tactic to his advantage a few times.  Keeping a stash at work will leave you with the ability to be prepared for any event, looking like a boss.  Here are the items you should leave: 

1. Jacket- Khaki or navy.  Seriously, that’s it.  If you leave a khaki jacket, make sure the slacks you leave behind are a complimenting color – Navy!

2. Suit- If you think it is wiser to leave a suit, rather than a 2 piece option, go for it.  Here’s our advice on that: Don’t leave your best suit at the office.  You want that when you know you need to look your best.  Leave a safety colored suit, like charcoal, behind so you are ready for anything.  Also, wit charcoal, you can wear any color shoe, tie, and belt.  It doesn’t limit you, but still lets you be ready for a black tie event.

3. Slacks- Be sure to leave a complimenting pair of slacks behind.  If you decide to leave a blue jacket, do not leave a pair of separate blue pants!!

4. Tie- Remember, you want to leave each item there in case you are in need at any moment.  So make sure the tie is a simple one that can be worn with the outfit you leave at work or that there is a high percentage that if you stain your piece your wearing, that you can wear it with what you already have on.

5. Belt- It’s smart to leave behind a brown and black belt at work at all times.

6. Shoes- Not entirely necessary to leave at work, but if you do, make sure it’s a pair you don’t wear too often.  You don’t want your favorite kicks out of commission on your night out.

7. Shirts- White.  Only.  White!!  Don’t get cute.  Keep behind at least one white button down shirt at your office.

Bonus***  Hygiene can become an issue as your day passes…  Equip your desk drawer or your man bag with a deodorant stick and a small bottle of cologne.  You’re welcome.  


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