Color is Key This Fall- 4 Tips

It’s usually spring time when color is the talk of the town in the fashion world.  However, this fall season, bringing out colors is very big.  I was buying a sweater the other day and debated between grey and green.  It may have been the first green purchase I have ever made, but it works.  Try to be bold with color this fall, not with bland.  There’s nothing wrong with the grey and black sweaters or the classic shirt/tie combos, but keep in mind those colorful fall options when shopping around.

Some ways to bring color into your wardrobe this fall:

1. Shirt/Tie combos: I’m much more for having a loud tie and a quiet shirt.  I vote to go with a faded grey, pink, white, or whatever color shirt that remains simple, and to find a plaid or solid tie that has volume and color.  If you go vice versa, with a loud shirt, keep the colors faded.  Pink, burgundy, and blue are my choices.  People are talking orange, but that’s not me.

2. Scarves- It’s fall.  Scarves are in!  Look for a springy, lighter scarf to compliment any dark jacket or piece you are wearing.  Scarves are the ultimate key to complimenting your wardrobe this fall.  Do it!Lightweight men's scarves in classic Burberry check

3. Jackets- I’m talking pea coats, windbreakers, denim jackets, suit jackets, gold jacket, green jacket, every jacket.  Bring some color to it and quit being boring with the basics.

.4. Bags- Now days, man bags are accepted.  Find a duffle, briefcase, or whatever else you may carry, and find one with color.  Blue and red are awesome choices!Perfect for the Mac + Apple products :)


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