Brighten Your Look With This Solution

Office attire is usually preconceived as boring and predictable.  But it really doesn’t need to be.  Let’s focus on a particular topic of attire at the office you probably aren’t too shnazzy with:

Footwear: When it comes to predictability, footwear takes the cake.  Let me guess, black today?  No, no, wait… Brown!  Nailed it.

Your office kicks do not need to be the bland brown and blacks.  Yes, there are ways to make brown and blacks dazzle, but that is not the point today.  Today, start bringing some pop to your feet.  Start with the shoes…

Check out a pair of burgundy, blue, or whatever color will mesh well with your attire.  Maybe throw on those J Norman colored laces you should already have (a measly $7).  Having a shoe that catches someone’s eye for being different is such a solid notation of a fashion sense coming from your wonderful self.  Next, buy a few pairs of socks that are not black or navy.  Buy some striped ones, polka dot ones etc and throw some haymakers from your feet.  Mind blown.


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