11 Ways to Dress Like a Man

I almost wanted to title this 11 Ways to Dress Like a Bro, to let people know that the word bro has changed.  No longer is a bro the quintessential college douche bag bragging about his over-hyped conquests and dressing like Justin Bieber.  A bro has developed into a man.  Somewhat of a man-bro.  So next time you call someone a bro, be sure he meets the qualifications of this post:

1. Suit Tailoring- Oversized suits are as bad looking as as shredded jean shorts.  Don’t wear them.  Relate back to: https://jnormanpost.com/2012/09/07/how-to-size-your-suit-the-guide-to-a-proper-tailoring/.  

2. Buy Yourself a Real Pair of Dress Shoes- Throw out your square toed kicks from high school and man the EFF up.  Purchase a solid pair of wingtips or nice leather (pointed) shoes.

3. No White Socks!!- I don’t even let myself wear white ankle socks anymore.  Throw them out and step up your sock game. 


4. Know when to wear shorts- Shorts are not always your best look.  Keep that in mind.  Wear them seldom when dressing up.  

5. Buy slim-fitting dress shirts- Swimming in your dress shirts is about as bad a look as it gets.  Buy them by your collar and sleeve sizes and get them slim fit!

6. Don’t match your pocket squares to your ties- Usually when you buy a tie/pocket square combo, they suck, because they match.  Do yourself a favor and never plan on wearing that tie with that square ever!


7. Own a tux or have one at your readiest availability- You never know when you’ll spontaneously be invited to a black tie event.  Do it right with a tux and a bow tie. 8. Know how to tie a bow tie: It’s a cool thing to wear a real bow tie and it’s even cooler to tie it up yourself.9. Cuffs are for gentlemen- People recognize them.  Wear them when you have the opportunity.10. Get a big boy haircut: Follow the styles of Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, and shows like Mad Men and Magic City. 

11. Wear your shades like a boss- Like so


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