12 Movies To See This Fall

1. Parkland- This JFK based film looks dazzling:

2. Adore- This dramatic love affair story has twists and turns that will leave the audience feeling states of betrayal and trust all in one.

3. Prisoners- This film will hit specific emotions you may not want to be hit.  A story of a Father who will do anything to find his missing child and friends.

4. Thanks for Sharing- A story about the struggles and hopes of sex addicts that seems like it will bring happiness to the audience.  Always a good thing.  This may be my number one to see on this list:

5. Zaytoun- This trailer is inspiring and hopeful!  It is an epic story of two enemies who become friends in a triumphant story of a journey to freedom.  Watch this one, trust me.

6. The Counselor- Great cast, seemingly good story of drama and lust.

7. The Wolf of Wall Street- My readers know I’ve already promoted this movie, but why not do it again.  It looks legit.

8. A Teacher- This Indi-flick seems to catch the topic of student to teacher relationships and the very dramatic realizations that come along with it.  Not a Pretty Little Liars type relationship story.

9. Gravity- George and Sandra play in a movie that may leave some people uneasy in this one.  Stranded in space leave anyone feeling nervous?

10. 12 Years a Slave- Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender pair up again in this dramatic real life version of Django Unchained.

11. The Delivery Man- Vince Vaughn is the biological father to over 500 children…

12. We Steal Secret: The full Wiki Leaks Story.

Bonus: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty- This one won’t come out until Christmas but I think it looks incredible!  Ben Stiller plays a role we probably aren’t used to seeing.  Must watch this trailer.


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