Biking: An Ultimate Escape

Biking is a new trend which has forever been a trend…  Makes sense right?

The perks of biking are large in number, but here are a few reasons  this calorie shedding, mind-easing mean of transportation is such a sweet thing:

  1. It is fun.  Throw the headphones on, pick your favorite playlist, and jam out to your favorite tunes while riding in your favorite area.
  2. It is an awesome workout.  Biking is the lazy man’s favorite workout.  If you hate running, take up biking.  That’s one of the big reasons I became such a fan.  It doesn’t take the most effort in the world but still serves as an amazing fat burning routine.
  3. It is mind easing- Researchers say that exercise in general is one of the most therapeutic activities a human being can do to start feeling better.  Feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, lacking energy?  30 minutes a day of working out serves as one healthy way to get yourself happy.
  4. It is a time saver- Live in the city?  Live anywhere where a ride to work on the bike is available?  Skip the traffic.  Take advantage.  Biking has become a trendy and somewhat hipster thing.  So no longer is biking to work a dorky thing.  It is cool.  Just be sure to have a non-dorky bike.  Look for fixies or road bikes.Trendy bike in omotesando tokyo
  5. It is a money saver- Keep your gas tank full while rolling around on your piece as opposed to being the lazy man you want to be and jumping in your car for a 2 minute travel.
  6. You can wear nice clothes while biking- Since the adaption of slim and tailored clothing, your clothes should have much less of a chance of getting stuck in your chain.
  7. It’s trendy- Thanks to movies and TV shows, the biking era is back.  Just look at Suits character Mike Ross…

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