The Art of Shaving: A Guide to Your Facial Hair

Recently I’ve become a fan of the show Suits, that plays on USA.  In the show, the men wear suits and are clean shaven in every scene.  The show has a cheesy moment or three every episode, but still, it makes you realize how professional and stylish they look with their tailored suits, clean shaves, and neat hair.

Shaving passes.  Check out our straight razors... makes a difference in the work environment.  Most people don’t have the luxury of working in fashion and using your facial hair as an excuse to be “stylish and trendy”.  Regardless of where you work, here are some pointers on how to master your clean shaven look:

1. Preparation: Shave after you shower!  Trust me, this will open your pours allowing you to clean your face while showering, and then shaving with your pours open and your facial hair softer.  You can soften your facial hair by splashing more hot water on your face before your shave after showering, or also by using a pre-shave oil.  eShave makes a brilliant pre-shave oil available at J Norman & Co.

2. Creme- Lather your entire face with a soothing shave creme.  eShave again is there for your help.

3. Stroking- Shave in the direction your facial hair grows in naturally and do it in short strokes.  If you use a Fusion blade or any blade with a trimming blade on the back, take that blade to your entire face and trim it down before you go for the real strokes.  This will make it easier on your face and will provide for less tugging and pulling.clean cut, clean shave

4. Clean Up- After shaving your face, don’t be shy to apply a light layer of creme again and go over it against the grain to really get yourself a nice, close shave.  You can rinse your face with hot water in between.

5. Closing time- There are 2 options here.  When done shaving, rinse your face off with very hot water.  You then have a choice, to apply your after shave/moisturizer after using the hot water and keeping your pours open, or instead, you can choose to make your final rinsing of the face with cold water.  This allows for the pores to close, tightening your skin and soothing it.  I have always done it with hot water, but may try the cold water on my next shave.


5 thoughts on “The Art of Shaving: A Guide to Your Facial Hair

    • Go by these guidelines and you should be good. Don’t shave against the grains when you are shaving your neck. Shave from your Adam’s apple upwards through your whole neck. Be sure to use a facial lotion moisturizer and use scolding hot water while shaving. This should help.

      • I think the best way to seriously avoid bumps is by doing that trimming method first. Invest in some razors that have the single blade on the back and trim down your face first. Even if your facial hair is not very long it can still be an effective method. Short strokes are big too. But those areas around the neck and jaw line are super sensitive. Try shaving in different directions that you normally do so that when you are shaving you do not feel that harsh irritation or pulling. It will feel easy when you find the right direction.

  1. There is no such things like laser hair reovmal. It is just hair weakening..Laser skin care it’s permanent.Laser to operate on yourself..hmm..dangerous.

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