7 Moments From The VMAs You Should See…

1. Knew the world would be talking about Miley after that last night…

Check these buzzfeeds on her look and performance:





2. Justin Timberlake/N’sync.  Justin let his old group join him on stage for about 30 seconds and then realized he liked the solo spot light much better and told them to get the eff out.


3. Is a Host even needed?  I think Jimmy Fallon was the host?  Or Kevin Hart?  Either way they were seen so little it didn’t matter.

4. Taylor Swift’s reaction to literally every person on stage:


5. Lady Gaga sat in the stands in her “performance outfit” the whole night:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14399-1377529602-39… it’s a thong as well.

6. A$AP Rocky first laughed through Jason Collins’ gay speech and then did this:


7. This 12 foot tall woman:


Seriously though, does anyone else realize that Miley didn’t need to bend over to get her facial in?  I see the heels, but still?



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