7 Affordable Fall Must Haves

1. Colored Laces- Available at J Norman & Co for only $7, these laces are the easiest upgrade to anyone’s wardrobe.  Seeing colored laces on a man let’s you know he is willing to go that extra step to be more stylish.  People notice it. tumblr_mdqtusGrVK1rqhfw7o1_500

2. Pocket Squares- J Norman will be launching some of our own pocket squares coming soon.  Until then, come to the store and check out the selections we are bringing in and will be selling under $25.gray_jacket_with_green_paisley_square_vss

3. Scarves- J Norman is bringing in a unique line of scarves that we discovered recently in Las Vegas.  Come check them out before the blow out.photo-2

4. Belts- Our canvas belts are great right now for all occasions.  But don’t forget about our great leather pieces we have to offer.leather-strap-for-women-7333-500x500

5. Socks- Another step up to any man’s wardrobe that let’s bystanders say, “Hey, this guy gives a shit.”


6. Crew Neck Sweaters- The ultimate prep/casual wear.  NY Times agrees that this is the absolute look for the fall!


7. The Woven Tie- Wool and cotton ties are scorching right now.  Take advantage.  Dress them up with a suit and down underneath a jersey sweater.



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