One Piece To Take Advantage of This Fall

Fall and spring are really the ideal “Sweater Weather” seasons.  Winter sucks and is more about bundling up than wearing your favorite pieces out.  The one item you should focus on this fall:

The Jersey Sweater, or the crew neck sweater.  A Jersey sweater is normally a cotton knit sweater that is meant to fit comfortably and to be worn on more casual occasions.  This coming season we are bringing in a line called Grayers that has an amazing collection of crew neck sweaters at very affordable prices that I think our customers will absolutely love.  Be sure to stay tuned when we announce the arrival.lacoste-navy-blue-yucca-green-wool-jersey-sweater-with-elbow-contrast-in-navy-blueyucca-green-product-1-5081289-326061698_large_flex

Jersey sweaters can be worn with no undershirt, a T shirt, a V-neck T, a polo, a button down, or a shirt and tie.  They can be dressed up and dressed down like no other item in your closet.  The thing about dressing up a jersey sweater is that it will still appear more casual than that of a V-neck, cashmere piece.  I just recently purchased a few jersey sweaters with colleges imprinted on them.  This is the more preppy look.  I am excited to wear them as the weather starts to cool down a bit.  vintage-wisconsin-badgers-football-sweater

So don’t forget about the jersey/crew neck sweaters and how to wear them this fall.  They can be a huge asset to your wardrobe.  In a rush to be somewhere on time and not sure what to wear?  Throw that sweater on and you’re ready for many options.  Need to look swell for the evening but don’t want to try to hard?  Couldn’t ask for a better option than the old jersey sweater.  0-Victor-Cruzs-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-II-Launch-Givenchy-Appliquéd-Cotton-Jersey-Sweater


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