How to Make Cheap Wine Taste Better

Wine snobs anyone?  Sometimes a cheap bottle of wine is recognizable even the the untrained pallet.  It will leave an overly-alcohol taste in your mouth, leave you with a much worse hangover, and will do anything but compliment your food.  Avoid buying these cheaper wines if you have an issue with anything I’ve just listed.  However, if you find yourself in situations where the cheap wine is in your possession, whether given to you as a gift or in the case that you accidentally purchased it, here are some ways to make that cheap wine taste better:

1. Cheap Sparkling Wine- Sparkling wine is the easiest of the wine group to give a facelift…  Find your best flutes (champagne glasses) and chill your sparkling wine.  Then, find some mixed fruits and mixers.  Add in the mixed fruit, and maybe mash them up a bit for a little extra flavor.  Pour the sparkling wine over the fruit and if it still needs a little boost, pour a touch of cherry juice or cranberry juice in to make it especially delightful.img_4309-e1309555775161

2. Cheap Red Wine- Do not chill it!  Decant it.  Speeding up the aging process of a red wine is one very efficient and easy way to give it a taste boost.  So with any bottle of red wine that is not up to your standards, decant the bottle into a nice looking decanter, and pour it to your guests as if it is a $100 bottle.GLASSWARE_Decanters_03

3. Cheap White Wine- Serving temperature is vital for making a white wine (seemingly) taste better.  The colder the wine, the less likely you are to recognize it is cheap.  Serving with ice is something that people who are not wine enthusiasts will do.  This diluting of the cheap wine will make the bad taste less recognizable.  Just remember, keep it cold! 754478116_7d32663401


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