The Ageless Fashion Piece All Men Should Have

With the evolution of style, your “average Joe” has even found ways to stand out in a more recognizable wardrobe.  Even after seeing style continuously developing, many men are still too scared to wear more fashionable pieces than they are used to.  Here is one item men should consider investing in that will be used for the rest of their lives.cd15a80c8250eb05bd870ebf5a3451f0

The Umbrella.  The umbrella is a timeless piece of fashion that has been “In” since the day of it’s creation.  When I think of an umbrella used for fashion, I think of a man back in the 1920s, wearing a black tuxedo, with a black bow tie, a black top hat and a black umbrella.  The simpleness of the item is what makes it attractive.  A nice, classic, black umbrella will really put a nice touch on whatever it is you’re wearing.  Whether it is raining, or there is a possibility of rain, you should consider keeping this piece with you.  An umbrella looks great when it is folded up and carried as an accessory, but only under certain circumstances.  If it is sunny without a cloud in the sky, by all means, keep it in your car.  But if there is some overcast or trickles of rain, be bold and bust out your stylish black umbrella.2134313774_73293dd508_z

The don’ts of an umbrella: 

  1. Don’t use when it is sunny
  2. Don’t use just any collapsable umbrella
  3. Don’t use the tacky umbrellas with the big golf logos on them when going anywhere but the golf course

The Do’s of an umbrella:

  1. Do look for an all black umbrella
  2. Do use it as an accessory and as a water repellant
  3. Do look for a contrasting handle (black umbrella/brown wooden handle)

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