Throwing a Party? Boost Your Bar Scene

Often times you go to a hosted party and the display is a bar top set up with choices of wine, booze, and mixers with some plastic cups (wine and mixer cups) and a bucket of ice.  Standard, absolutely acceptable, but there are better ways to impress your guests:

1. Mixology- Embrace your inner mixologist and figure out some clever drinks to have for your attendees.


2. Set Up Stations- Rather than having one bar area set up in your home/apartment, have stations set up with different cocktail recipe areas.  Example:  Set up three different stations throughout the home.  Make one with vodka, one with gin, and one with whiskey.  Set up the appropriate mixers, ice buckets and cups throughout your living space and let your guests know how modern and hip you are by setting up your mixology stations.  For a bonus, maybe layout the amount of booze to mixers ratios on display for your guests to relate to.


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