Look Your Best Daily

Every man that has graduated college should care that he looks his best on a daily basis. You may meet your future wife, your new boss, your biggest role model, a new client, etc., so why flirt with the idea of looking like a slob?Image by Rog Walker

When I say every man should attempt to look his best, I mean that in these categories:

  1. Be Well Dressed
  2. Be Well Groomed
  3. Have Good Hygiene
  4. Groom Your Hair to Your Liking
  5. Have Good Manners

Men, know this: Looking, dressing, being, and feeling well is not a matter of money!!  You do not need to be a wealthy man to be able to feel confident in your everyday life by the way you look (and feel).

Being Well Dressed: You do not need to wear a suit and tie everyday, but understand that the days of throwing on sweat pants and a hoody are long gone.  You are to look professional and well-kept in public.  Enough of the old jeans, old polos, old hats, and sloppy facial hair.  Clean yourself up.ac76453eaf92f9421cd935850f212e18

Be Well Groomed: Get yourself a clean haircut and comb your hair or at least make it presentable.  Rolling out of bed and giving the “I am hungover” look is not funny anymore, it’s sad.  If you are going to have facial hair, keep it well-kept.  Do not ignore the art of trimming.  A week of not shaving can look either really good or really bad.db6c049fe556f36e44f9887935435989

Have Good Hygiene: It goes without saying that you don’t want to be the smelly guy.  Utilize your shower, deodorant, and cologne.  But know that hygiene is more than just your body odor.  It is keeping your eyebrows in tact, making sure your nails aren’t too long, keeping body hair trimmed down, and all of that jazz.

Hair Grooming: Keep it neat.

Keeping Good Manners: Shake hands when you meet people, introduce yourself by first and last name, let women order first at the restaurant, abuse the terms “please” and “thank you”, accept compliments graciously, and don’t be a dick. c468eb0e34cb65eb926414f6864c6942


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