Why I Won’t Do the Tough Mudder

So the Tough Mudder just visited Buffalo and my Facebook overflowed with pictures of everyone and their mother who did it. After seeing the pics and videos, it just reassured me that I won’t ever be doing it. Just a bunch of mud and ropes and shit all over the place. 8,000 people spitting, sweating and puking into a big mud pile.

Being from Buffalo, and seeing that it just took place here, I need to know who this bro is in these videos who nearly got murdered while running through one of the obstacles.

Anybody have any idea? I’d like to give him a solid golfer’s clap.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully applaud everyone who ran this event. I don’t doubt that you literally burn thousands of calories and that it is a once in a lifetime workout, but that right there is why I have no desire to participate in this.

Swimming around in this guy’s vomit is just not how I pictured my weekend:

A competitor reacts after jumping into a vat of ice water during the Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in West Dover


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