That Bulge in Your Pants…

Now days, with the modern man understanding the basics of suit and pant tailoring, one needs to realize that the slightest bit of excitement can be noticed underneath your belt. Men’s pants are tighter now days, deal with it. But this is not my point, just trying to be a bit comedic. What I am getting at is a rule/understanding that men should be aware of in their pant game.


Overloading your pockets can really diminish a good pair of tailored pants. The keys, wallet, phone, gum, chap stick, etc. need to be kept out as much as they can. If you need things on your person, utilize your jacket pockets and also don’t forget about your butt pockets on your pants. Though, this can cause bulging in other areas, it is wise to put things in your back pocket before you do so in your front. Any unnecessary bulges can ruin the cut in a nice pair of pants.

You’ll never see a Bond with pocket bulges.



One thought on “That Bulge in Your Pants…

  1. I generally use a slim card wallet as my everyday, but ff I’m wearing my suit, I switch it out in favor of a money clip with my ID, debit, AMEX, and a few large bills so it can go in a front pocket or slipped in my jacket without a bulge.

    Also, I just carry my car’s key fob and leave my house and other keys in the car itself.

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