The Rule of the Double Breasted Jacket

If you own a double breasted suit, jacket, or rain coat, it is important you know one vital rule. So long as you are standing, the jacket should ALWAYS remain buttoned. A double breasted suit or jacket is supposed to scream out elegance and sophistication, however, if you decide to leave it open whilst on your feet, you will quickly end up looking like David Letterman on his off days. A double breasted suit, unbuttoned, looks like the jacket is much too large and you will look like a buffoon. Don’t pull this move. Button up that double breast and shine with it the way you are supposed to. Here’s how you should do it:


People have their own personal rules about how many buttons should be buttoned on the jacket. A minimum of one button should always be fastened on your DB jacket, but I think having two buttoned looks much better! 2 is usually the maximum you will want buttoned on a DB, but flirt with it if their are more available.



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