Biking: An Ultimate Escape

Biking is a new trend which has forever been a trend…  Makes sense right?

The perks of biking are large in number, but here are a few reasons  this calorie shedding, mind-easing mean of transportation is such a sweet thing:

  1. It is fun.  Throw the headphones on, pick your favorite playlist, and jam out to your favorite tunes while riding in your favorite area.
  2. It is an awesome workout.  Biking is the lazy man’s favorite workout.  If you hate running, take up biking.  That’s one of the big reasons I became such a fan.  It doesn’t take the most effort in the world but still serves as an amazing fat burning routine.
  3. It is mind easing- Researchers say that exercise in general is one of the most therapeutic activities a human being can do to start feeling better.  Feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, lacking energy?  30 minutes a day of working out serves as one healthy way to get yourself happy.
  4. It is a time saver- Live in the city?  Live anywhere where a ride to work on the bike is available?  Skip the traffic.  Take advantage.  Biking has become a trendy and somewhat hipster thing.  So no longer is biking to work a dorky thing.  It is cool.  Just be sure to have a non-dorky bike.  Look for fixies or road bikes.Trendy bike in omotesando tokyo
  5. It is a money saver- Keep your gas tank full while rolling around on your piece as opposed to being the lazy man you want to be and jumping in your car for a 2 minute travel.
  6. You can wear nice clothes while biking- Since the adaption of slim and tailored clothing, your clothes should have much less of a chance of getting stuck in your chain.
  7. It’s trendy- Thanks to movies and TV shows, the biking era is back.  Just look at Suits character Mike Ross…

The Art of Shaving: A Guide to Your Facial Hair

Recently I’ve become a fan of the show Suits, that plays on USA.  In the show, the men wear suits and are clean shaven in every scene.  The show has a cheesy moment or three every episode, but still, it makes you realize how professional and stylish they look with their tailored suits, clean shaves, and neat hair.

Shaving passes.  Check out our straight razors... makes a difference in the work environment.  Most people don’t have the luxury of working in fashion and using your facial hair as an excuse to be “stylish and trendy”.  Regardless of where you work, here are some pointers on how to master your clean shaven look:

1. Preparation: Shave after you shower!  Trust me, this will open your pours allowing you to clean your face while showering, and then shaving with your pours open and your facial hair softer.  You can soften your facial hair by splashing more hot water on your face before your shave after showering, or also by using a pre-shave oil.  eShave makes a brilliant pre-shave oil available at J Norman & Co.

2. Creme- Lather your entire face with a soothing shave creme.  eShave again is there for your help.

3. Stroking- Shave in the direction your facial hair grows in naturally and do it in short strokes.  If you use a Fusion blade or any blade with a trimming blade on the back, take that blade to your entire face and trim it down before you go for the real strokes.  This will make it easier on your face and will provide for less tugging and pulling.clean cut, clean shave

4. Clean Up- After shaving your face, don’t be shy to apply a light layer of creme again and go over it against the grain to really get yourself a nice, close shave.  You can rinse your face with hot water in between.

5. Closing time- There are 2 options here.  When done shaving, rinse your face off with very hot water.  You then have a choice, to apply your after shave/moisturizer after using the hot water and keeping your pours open, or instead, you can choose to make your final rinsing of the face with cold water.  This allows for the pores to close, tightening your skin and soothing it.  I have always done it with hot water, but may try the cold water on my next shave.

7 Moments From The VMAs You Should See…

1. Knew the world would be talking about Miley after that last night…

Check these buzzfeeds on her look and performance:



2. Justin Timberlake/N’sync.  Justin let his old group join him on stage for about 30 seconds and then realized he liked the solo spot light much better and told them to get the eff out.


3. Is a Host even needed?  I think Jimmy Fallon was the host?  Or Kevin Hart?  Either way they were seen so little it didn’t matter.

4. Taylor Swift’s reaction to literally every person on stage:


5. Lady Gaga sat in the stands in her “performance outfit” the whole night:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14399-1377529602-39… it’s a thong as well.

6. A$AP Rocky first laughed through Jason Collins’ gay speech and then did this:


7. This 12 foot tall woman:


Seriously though, does anyone else realize that Miley didn’t need to bend over to get her facial in?  I see the heels, but still?


7 Affordable Fall Must Haves

1. Colored Laces- Available at J Norman & Co for only $7, these laces are the easiest upgrade to anyone’s wardrobe.  Seeing colored laces on a man let’s you know he is willing to go that extra step to be more stylish.  People notice it. tumblr_mdqtusGrVK1rqhfw7o1_500

2. Pocket Squares- J Norman will be launching some of our own pocket squares coming soon.  Until then, come to the store and check out the selections we are bringing in and will be selling under $25.gray_jacket_with_green_paisley_square_vss

3. Scarves- J Norman is bringing in a unique line of scarves that we discovered recently in Las Vegas.  Come check them out before the blow

4. Belts- Our canvas belts are great right now for all occasions.  But don’t forget about our great leather pieces we have to offer.leather-strap-for-women-7333-500x500

5. Socks- Another step up to any man’s wardrobe that let’s bystanders say, “Hey, this guy gives a shit.”


6. Crew Neck Sweaters- The ultimate prep/casual wear.  NY Times agrees that this is the absolute look for the fall!


7. The Woven Tie- Wool and cotton ties are scorching right now.  Take advantage.  Dress them up with a suit and down underneath a jersey sweater.


One Piece To Take Advantage of This Fall

Fall and spring are really the ideal “Sweater Weather” seasons.  Winter sucks and is more about bundling up than wearing your favorite pieces out.  The one item you should focus on this fall:

The Jersey Sweater, or the crew neck sweater.  A Jersey sweater is normally a cotton knit sweater that is meant to fit comfortably and to be worn on more casual occasions.  This coming season we are bringing in a line called Grayers that has an amazing collection of crew neck sweaters at very affordable prices that I think our customers will absolutely love.  Be sure to stay tuned when we announce the arrival.lacoste-navy-blue-yucca-green-wool-jersey-sweater-with-elbow-contrast-in-navy-blueyucca-green-product-1-5081289-326061698_large_flex

Jersey sweaters can be worn with no undershirt, a T shirt, a V-neck T, a polo, a button down, or a shirt and tie.  They can be dressed up and dressed down like no other item in your closet.  The thing about dressing up a jersey sweater is that it will still appear more casual than that of a V-neck, cashmere piece.  I just recently purchased a few jersey sweaters with colleges imprinted on them.  This is the more preppy look.  I am excited to wear them as the weather starts to cool down a bit.  vintage-wisconsin-badgers-football-sweater

So don’t forget about the jersey/crew neck sweaters and how to wear them this fall.  They can be a huge asset to your wardrobe.  In a rush to be somewhere on time and not sure what to wear?  Throw that sweater on and you’re ready for many options.  Need to look swell for the evening but don’t want to try to hard?  Couldn’t ask for a better option than the old jersey sweater.  0-Victor-Cruzs-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-II-Launch-Givenchy-Appliquéd-Cotton-Jersey-Sweater

Are You Bold Enough?

It’s fall (just about), and the styles, they are a changing.  Will you take part in the swing of seasonal suit style?  3463175b90326d0995f11dce1031bdf2

Plaid suits are going to be booming this fall.  I’m talking checkered suits, houndstooth suits, and more.  Realize that tweed, plaid suits are going to be a big hit in the office and on the streets as the leaves start changing.  Will you do it.  2d00e9a68cc03f2367a63ba610749795

I ordered my first houndstooth suit, in tweed material that I still need to get tailored, but I am excited to wear it and see the reactions.  Take a look around and see if there are some options you could get away with.

40% Off All Summer Attire

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