Color on Color

I have many men ask me about wearing the same colored pants with the same colored jacket and trying to pull them off as complimentary pieces, or in other terms, a ‘poor man’s’ attempt at a suit. Let me share some of the best advice some of you men out there need to hear: “Never ever ever wear the same colored pant/jacket combination unless they are sold together as a suit!” The colors need to be the exact same for you to be able to pull it off, and chances are if you try to wear a pair of navy blue chinos with a navy blue sport coat or suit coat, you will end up looking like a clashing idiot. Remember though, a pair of royal blue pants can go great with a navy sport coat. Complimentary colors are good, matching (that are not sold together) are not. When you want to wear separates, do it right.


In short, do not attempt to match separates that are the same color. Ever! But remember to wear different shades of colors (like blue) that can compliment one another.



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