Get That Quick Workout in Before the Beach

Wonder how all in shape, male, celebrities look so ripped as they get on camera? It’s A. because of the camera usage, and B. because they literally pump out push ups or hit the weight room before the scene is shot.

Headed to the beach this weekend? Don’t forget to get that last swell on before you do. Here’s a quick workout you can do before stripping down at the beach:

1. Pullups- Pull ups literally utilize almost every muscle in your body. Arms, back, tris, core, shoulders, etc. A couple pull ups blows up your body the way you want before hitting the beach.


2. Dumbbell/Bench press- Whichever is more readily accesible for you. This puffs up the chest before hitting the beach.


3. Tricep dips- This workout gets your tris and chest pretty good.


4. Core- Does’nt matter if its planks, leg raises, or just your everyday crunches. Get some in.



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