Best Dressed At The Espy’s

Last night was a fun little show ESPN put on for everyone. I missed the beginning so I can’t really judge John Hamm’s hosting, but I am a fan of him in general, so I bet he did great. Let’s get to who looked good:

1. Demarcus Cousins- A sick grey suit with the always appropriate grey/black combo looked sick.


2. DeAndre Jordan- Blue suit, brown shoes, nice tie, and he brought his mama.


3. Michael Phelps- The lapels on this charcoal suit steal the show. Nice tie as well.


4. Lebron James- Come on. You knew he’d be up here.


5. Dwayne Wade- Don’t be so quick to judge and hate the scarf (though the scarf trend has been played in warm weather before). Sometimes D Wayde does too much, but I’m okay with this.


6. Colin Kapernick- This is close to being too much and a lot of other people will think that. But I dig it. And I’d wear it.


7. John Hamm- Hamm bone looked good. Kept it simple.


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