Summer Casual

Don’t forget the power of a T-shirt.  Whether it be a solid crew neck, white T, a striped crew, or a solid V-neck (I’m not huge on striped V-necks), a crisp, good fitting shirt can go a long way.

A T-shirt that is tailored to fit your body keeps you cool, stylish, and slim all in one.  Show off your gym body in your well-fitting T-shirt.  Not too tight though, trust me.  Too tight of T’s look like cycling outfits rather than street style.entourage_season8

Next time you’re in a rush and want to get ready quick, while still looking stylish, go with the look I love to pull off in the summer.  A pair of white kicks, I like Tretorns, Chuck Taylor’s, or Jack Purcell’s, complimented with a nice, light pair of jeans or casual chinos, with your T-shirt that compliments.  It’s so easy, and it gives you that look of, “I didn’t try hard to put this together, but I sure look good wearing it.”23


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