Summer Safety Wear

Stripes are always a solid choice for summer time swag.  Just here to remind you not to leave them at home simply because the 4th of July has passed.  There are plenty of solid options to throw on for may occasions:

1. The Striped T- A simple red and blue striped T-shirt can make a pair of khakis or jeans really go a long way.2012-summer-new-handsome-red-and-blue-stripes-Men-s-Slim-round-neck-short-sleeve-T

2. Striped sweater- It cools down at night and what looks more cozy than a striped sweater with a little breathing room.  Wear it with or without some sort of undershirt/button down.[359x377]MS13SW2506.jpg

3. Seersucker- There is a new style of seersucker this summer.  It’s dark.  Look for it.fd8a0683dfa0ffd5b165e1af862e71a9

4. The Striped Polo- Striped polo shirts go a long way on the golf course, at the office (on casual days), and wherever else they are appropriate (which is literally everywhere).  Choose colors that make features like your eye color, stand out.b3b4b9de898f382fd32976b9b4c39b9a

5. The Striped Button Down- Goes with anything!06_hbna50244015_620_21


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