Don’t Rush Someone When They’re Shaving

This happened to me this morning as I was being rushed to evacuate the bathroom as I was cleaning my face up.  Someone else putting tension on you to hurry up with things as you have a razor in your hand fit for minor surgeries.  As I appeased the rusher, I did feel a bit of reason to now hurry with something no man should be forced to hurry with.  As I went to touch up my neck/chin area, sure enough… I dinged it.  getty_rf_photo_of_man_with_shaving_cuts

It really was my own fault, but still, had I not been rushed, this honestly wouldn’t have happened.  I have recalled similar situations where being rushed to finish shaving, for reasons of being late to someone needing the room, has caused myself to have a much less sturdy hand. BDD_Damon_Shaving

So this advice goes to those who are trying to do the rushing.  Be very lax and at ease when telling someone you need the room or their blood may be on your hands (boy that sounded dramatic).


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