Too Early To Talk About Fall?

Yes.  It’s summer so enjoy it.

That being said, just wanted to give the readers out there a little bit of a sneak preview of what will be big this fall.  Take notes and start prepping.

  1. Denim Jackets- Throw them on over a shirt and tie.  Throw them under your sport coat and tie.  Wear them with a white v-neck underneath.  They will be in.  Don’t be too insecure to wear them.Photographer
  2. Tweed- Tweed suits were in last fall, and guess what, they’re in again.  Step your suit game up with some tweed brah!tweed-suit-three-piece-style
  3. Plaid- Plaid is always in for the fall, but bring it out in your suit game!2dc4d2c11a6a89bd4a95712d4fea102d
  4. Top Coats- Choose your colors wisely because they aren’t the cheapest items.  Brown and Navy are our top

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