Hygiene Tips From the Wise

Whether you’re at a wedding, work, or out on a date, your body will tend to naturally persperate (trademarking this word).  That is, sweat.  With sweat comes stench.  A little trick that I’ve advised others to do if they find themselves as a sweaty, stinky mess a bit too often, is to carry around a sample-sized cologne bottle with them on these specific occasions.  If you wear a suit or some kind of a jacket regularly  the inside pocket on your jacket is the perfect fit for it.  bond-no-9

Hygiene is a serious make or break deal for first impressions, most often with dates.  If you are heavier, you may sweat more than those who are smaller.  Sometimes genetics is at fault here as well.  I know people who sweat at the first movement they make during the day.  Hey, that’s just how it works.

Another solution that I recommend, is something I do myself.  Your armpits tend to be a regularly sweaty spot, and the fact that most men have bushes of hair coming from them simply doesn’t help.  I buzz my armpits with a head trimmer and I highly recommend you do the same.  You’ll feel more free, aerodynamic (words of Danny McBride), and you will smell better and sweat less.  You may get mocked at first, but I guarantee it is a trend that will catch on with even the most burly of men.  electric-body-trimmer-20486837


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