Fashion Suits Are Now Business Appropriate

I have not always been in the fashion industry.  I’ve always had a fashionable background, but I have worked in several different fields from placement to government contracting.  I hate it when the job I am performing reflects the way I am to dress.  As I worked in the government contracting field, I was told to keep my “Skinny suits” on the rack.  I wore a few fashion pieces as I was doing my selling and I caught a few eye rolls from the higher ups.  Not from the customers though!  And to me that was the most important part…a1433dd89cc1ce09bfe4ae89e1de226e

Now days, fashion is very acceptable for both men and women.  That being said, the “Business look is fading.”  What’s the business look?  It’s the oversized suits, the fat ties, the okay shoes, and your overall very conservative/contemporary look and feel.  This look is more or less what has been the acceptable and presentable look while in interviews  on sales meetings, etc.  However, with the evolution of style, many work fields are opening up their minds to men dressing a bit more trendy then contemporary.1bdc5bf6a61acfa627dad4626413ffaa

Where you once needed to show up in navy suits and red ties for work everyday, you should now feel free to show up in your tweed, slim cut suit, with your stylishly thin (not skinny) tie, your polished monk strap or wing tip shoes, and all of your accessories.  How has this trend happened and how have bosses gotten easier on their male employees?  TV has helped.  Shows like Mad Men, Suits, Magic City and more have allowed for people to see how good business can look when mixed with a bit of style and pleasure.  f1b3e040eac05275754ffc768cb830e8

In order to portray a certain sense of confidence in the sales field, one should be influenced by the way they look.  It’s the look good, feel good method.  Use it!  Start dressy a bit more flashy at work, day by day, until you reach your fashion peak.  See how people (especially your boss) react.  If you hear positive feedback, which you should, you will be a trend setter, people may start looking up to you, female co-workers may be catching a few more looks, and you should really let yourself start to look and feel more confident in your new, dapper, attire.


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