Control Your Patterns

Sometimes you see guys trying to do too much with their suit and tie game.  We see a lot of pattern on pattern styles today, but people still seem a bit unsure of what is too much and what is just right.

Let’s look at the fact that floral is in right now.  When talking about patterns we will focus on stripes, plaids, and floral for now.  People often find struggle in knowing what you can and cannot wear together.  

Here is my advice.  Wearing two patterns together is just fine, but throwing a third into the mix will make you look like a dink real fast.  Wear the floral tie, striped shirt, but make sure your suit is solid.  fashionhuntersseason1gallerywhattheywore11001

My buddy rocked a floral shirt to a wedding recently and if my memory suits me well, he wore it correctly.  Floral shirt, solid tie, and solid suit.  However, wearing a striped suit would have sufficed very well as well.  

So remember, keep it simple (to an extent) and don’t let yourself wear more than three patterns together! 


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