10 Tips for Your 4th of July

bba6ca495aa8299311ce64dce72a6b8aDo it right this 4th of July in every category.  Whether you’re hosting the party, or you are a guest, you need to know a few solid tips that will help get you through this 4th looking your best and being the best prepared for all part scenarios.

If you’re the host:

1. Don’t stress:  After all the prepping and planning, once the party is in session, the rest is in the hands of the attendees.  Last year at our 4th of July party our MVP demolished the plumbing of the cottage and torched the biggest fire of the year that was reaching our neighbors property.  We all still loved him, maybe even more now for the funny stories.  My point is, shit will happen every now and then.  Just be ready.

2. Grilling essentials: You can’t go wrong with chicken.  Chicken can sit for a while after you cook it, where as burgers are a bit tougher to let sit around all day.  Pick out the perfect marinades and make a few batches of each.  Make a side to go along with this chicken.  Whether it is coleslaw or guacamole, compliment your grilling.  Hot dogs are easy and mandatory.  They cook in about 3 minutes and please the majority of the crowd.  Burgers are also pretty mandatory, but just remember how fast they’lll dry in the sun.FourthofJuly

3. Set up a nice play list: Before your guests come, hit up your best Grooveshark playlist and let it roll.  When that runs out, head to Pandora.

4. Let guests know to bring dishes: This way you will not run out of food and look like a dink.  Guests bringing dishes and booze eliminates a lot of stress!

5. Your attire: It’s your party.  If you want to throw on a tank for the day go for it.  However, if you want to look your preppest, you can always throw on your summer-colored pants, a nice button down, and bow tie.  The American flag shirts are being a bit played out, but the tanks are still a hit.  9dd69ca31ab0cb41883a204473b645506. Have some games set up: Whether it’s beach volleyball or Kan Jam, have some things ready to go.268969_580490036799_1303900_n


As a guest:

1. Bring a dish or booze: Just bring something!  When you show up to a party empty handed, where people are cooking for you all day, supplying you with their booze, possibly beds, and more, the least you can do is bring a bottle of wine.

2. Don’t be the MVP: What is the MVP?  The person who is the most drunk, who the stories are told about in the latter years, who you are running from if they come near you.  Just don’t get yourself so wasted that it becomes a problem for other people.

3. Dress Code:  If there is a dress code to the party you are going to, it may be the wrong type of party.  This is one party of the year where people should feel free to roll up half naked and not feel insecure.  Dress like it’s summer and use our fashion tips if you want to dress it up.

4. Be aware of check points: This isn’t me telling you to take detours to avoid cops on your way home.  This is me saying, if you’re driving, don’t get drunk.  If you do get drunk, stay the night.  It’ll be better than arguing your way out of a DWI.

5. Have fun and chill: Having fun at a 4th of July party is mandatory.  But be somewhat lax about it.  It’s not your college frat party.  Don’t be the guy with your pants down peeing into the lake as everyone stares down at you.  Be an easy guest for the host.  261424_580490705459_4225188_n


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