Don’t Forget Your Laces

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Don’t forget to pick up your pair of colored shoe laces as you check out today (including yellow)!



Last Day of the Tent Sale

Today is the last day of the Tony Walker & Co./J Norman tent sale and the deals and discounts are at the best they will be all year round. Be sure to come in today as we have marked much of our product at 60%-70% off! Come check out some of the best denim brands like Citizens, Sevens, J Brand, Hudson, Mason’s, PRPS, William Rast, AG, Paige, Agave, and more at remarkable prices you can’t find anywhere else.


Don’t forget about our upper body wear that consists from casual men’s wear to your most sartorial needs from brands like Polo, Lacoste, Robert Graham, Vineyard Vines, Vince, Nike, Nike Golf, The NorthFace, J Norman, eShave, Bond no. 9, Hugo Boss, Jack Lipson, Bugatchi, Ray Ban, Prada, and more.


So come in today and receive the maximum discounts you can find anywhere on these brands! Enjoy!


Located at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.


Color on Color

I have many men ask me about wearing the same colored pants with the same colored jacket and trying to pull them off as complimentary pieces, or in other terms, a ‘poor man’s’ attempt at a suit. Let me share some of the best advice some of you men out there need to hear: “Never ever ever wear the same colored pant/jacket combination unless they are sold together as a suit!” The colors need to be the exact same for you to be able to pull it off, and chances are if you try to wear a pair of navy blue chinos with a navy blue sport coat or suit coat, you will end up looking like a clashing idiot. Remember though, a pair of royal blue pants can go great with a navy sport coat. Complimentary colors are good, matching (that are not sold together) are not. When you want to wear separates, do it right.


In short, do not attempt to match separates that are the same color. Ever! But remember to wear different shades of colors (like blue) that can compliment one another.


J Norman & Co. Tent Sale


Interested in some of the freshest men’s clothing and best brands for the most efficient prices? Well you’re in luck. Our tent sale is in full effect (started Saturday) and we are discounting items up to 90% off. All product in store is at a minimum 20% off, but majority of items are discounted even higher! Some of our product includes brands such as Lacoste, Polo, Robert Graham, Vineyard Vines, Seven for All Mankind, Citizens denim, Hudson, North face, J Norman, Hugo Boss, Jack Lipson, Paul and Shark, and much more! Hurry in before the product becomes scarce. The tent sale is going on until Wednesday, July 31st and the deals only get better as the days go on. But be careful not to wait too long, for things are moving out quick!


So come on down to J Norman & Co. (formally Tony Walker Men’s Shop) and come check out some of the best deals on all of the highest end brands you will find in Buffalo. We are located in the Walker Center in Buffalo, New York at 5110 Main Street.

One of today’s great deals: Buy one pair of jeans, get one free!!!


Market Week In New York


The lack of posts this week came from no slacking off. I was away in New York seeing new product for spring 2014 in New York for Market Week. Brands that were at the show consisted can be found here


We focused strongly on supreme denim brands, newer, trendier brands, and cost efficient brands that should bring a new customer into our store. One brand that we look forward to carrying is Grayers. Grayers is a brand that carries that product at very reasonable prices and has some of the most stylish and well-designed clothing we saw at the show.

Here are some shots we saw at this year’s Market week from shows Project NYC, MRKET NYC, and plenty of show rooms. Be sure to come in to J Norman & Co. and check out some of our newest, hottest products for this coming fall and spring seasons!






Ryan Braun’s Arrogance

In hindsight, Ryan Braun’s statement in the video above was the biggest media relations faux pas in the sports world since Lebron haphazardly spurned his home town in front of a group of underprivileged youth.

For those of you who don’t follow baseball, Ryan Braun has been on a hall of fame pace since his debut in 2007. Not yet 30, he has compiled 211 home runs, a .312 batting average, a MVP award and 32.3 wins above a replacement-level player. Right after securing the 2011 National League MVP award, however, Braun’s accomplishments were cast into doubt by a failed drug test in October of 2011. To wit: Braun tested positive for elevated Testosterone levels. Facing a 50 game suspension, Braun mounted an appeal of the test based on the delay in submission of his urine sample. Basically, the person assigned to collect the sample submitted it two days beyond protocol. Despite no evidence of tampering with the sample and without a scientific theory that testosterone levels would increase with the delay, Braun won his appeal by a 2-1 vote among the arbitrators.

Rather than accepting his legal victory for the mere technicality that it was, Braun doubled down on his arrogant, self-righteous video above. At 3:13 in the video, he said:

“I have always stood up for what is right. Today is about everyone who has been wrongly accused and everyone who has had to stand up for what is actually right. Today is not just about me…We won because the truth is on my side…I am a victim of a process that has completely broke down and failed in the way it was applied to me.”

Cut to February 2013. Yahoo reported that documentary evidence existed that Braun purchased and received performance enhancing drugs (PED) from Biogenesis, now a notorious PED distributor with a network of major league baseball players. Two days ago, faced with overwhelming evidence, Braun reached a settlement with MLB resulting in his suspension for the remaining 65 games of the season.

I don’t mean to start a debate about the morality or efficacy of PEDs (see links below). The only relevant concern is that fans, by and large, hate the use of PEDs and MLB is acting in accord with that sentiment. By violating the drug policy, Braun committed a dishonest act. Many players, like David Ortiz, Rick Ankiel and Manny Ramirez, have been able to move past their PED use and continue as productive professionals and fan favorites. Braun is different, however. Despite his guilty conscience, he shamelessly made a celebratory spectacle of his Pyrrhic victory over MLB on a meaningless technicality. In doing so, he revealed himself as an arrogant liar completely devoid of integrity. For that, in the court of public opinion, he should be banished to the ranks of the universally loathed baseball players, including Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.

(For a skeptical discussion of the effects of PEDs on baseball performance see: ;

Get That Quick Workout in Before the Beach

Wonder how all in shape, male, celebrities look so ripped as they get on camera? It’s A. because of the camera usage, and B. because they literally pump out push ups or hit the weight room before the scene is shot.

Headed to the beach this weekend? Don’t forget to get that last swell on before you do. Here’s a quick workout you can do before stripping down at the beach:

1. Pullups- Pull ups literally utilize almost every muscle in your body. Arms, back, tris, core, shoulders, etc. A couple pull ups blows up your body the way you want before hitting the beach.


2. Dumbbell/Bench press- Whichever is more readily accesible for you. This puffs up the chest before hitting the beach.


3. Tricep dips- This workout gets your tris and chest pretty good.


4. Core- Does’nt matter if its planks, leg raises, or just your everyday crunches. Get some in.


Best Dressed At The Espy’s

Last night was a fun little show ESPN put on for everyone. I missed the beginning so I can’t really judge John Hamm’s hosting, but I am a fan of him in general, so I bet he did great. Let’s get to who looked good:

1. Demarcus Cousins- A sick grey suit with the always appropriate grey/black combo looked sick.


2. DeAndre Jordan- Blue suit, brown shoes, nice tie, and he brought his mama.


3. Michael Phelps- The lapels on this charcoal suit steal the show. Nice tie as well.


4. Lebron James- Come on. You knew he’d be up here.


5. Dwayne Wade- Don’t be so quick to judge and hate the scarf (though the scarf trend has been played in warm weather before). Sometimes D Wayde does too much, but I’m okay with this.


6. Colin Kapernick- This is close to being too much and a lot of other people will think that. But I dig it. And I’d wear it.


7. John Hamm- Hamm bone looked good. Kept it simple.

Summer Casual

Don’t forget the power of a T-shirt.  Whether it be a solid crew neck, white T, a striped crew, or a solid V-neck (I’m not huge on striped V-necks), a crisp, good fitting shirt can go a long way.

A T-shirt that is tailored to fit your body keeps you cool, stylish, and slim all in one.  Show off your gym body in your well-fitting T-shirt.  Not too tight though, trust me.  Too tight of T’s look like cycling outfits rather than street style.entourage_season8

Next time you’re in a rush and want to get ready quick, while still looking stylish, go with the look I love to pull off in the summer.  A pair of white kicks, I like Tretorns, Chuck Taylor’s, or Jack Purcell’s, complimented with a nice, light pair of jeans or casual chinos, with your T-shirt that compliments.  It’s so easy, and it gives you that look of, “I didn’t try hard to put this together, but I sure look good wearing it.”23