To Wear or Not to Wear? The Rules of the Undershirt

A basic rule and understanding of the undershirt is that it should not be seen.  Unless you’re going for the open shirt with an undershirt look, the undershirt should not be seen.  So if you are wearing a shirt and tie, this shouldn’t be a worry, right?  Because the top button is buttoned all the way through.  Wrong.  You need to be conscious that many white button down shirts are see through (to an extent) and that many undershirts and wife beaters are easily spotted.  In these circumstances, an undershirt should not be worn.  9db777674fe281a1cbd216303d33041f

I hate wearing undershirts, and 99% of the time, I do not.  Whether it is winter or mid-summer, the undershirt is overrated (unless I go for the open button down shirt look).  However, some men come across a problem that others do not…  Sweat.  Lots of men sweat like Shaquille O’Neal at the free throw line and are self conscious about this issue.  Fear of pit stains and eventual “Yellowing” of the shirt seems to be a major concern.  The thing is, these pit stains are not simply from your sweat.  They come from the mixture of antiperspirant deodorants and sweat.  The solution: All natural deodorant.  6c06c78bd948f3310baf035553b63353

I still strongly encourage all men to go undershirt-less.  It looks silly to me when someone wears a very nice button down without a tie, but then ruins it with the cheesy white crew neck undershirt.  Ditch the undershirt even if sweating is your thing.  Bring a spare shirt if need be.PJ-BA799_SWEAT_G_20110510165416

Quick overview:

  1. Avoid undershirts when possible
  2. Wear all natural deodorant
  3. Wear v-neck undershirts if you feel you must wear one

2 thoughts on “To Wear or Not to Wear? The Rules of the Undershirt

  1. Love the post! I hate seeing the little “white triangle” around the office and find it more comfortable without an undershirt. I’m moving to the northeast soon and wondering how people stay warm in the office/outside with only one shirt. Also, I have always wondered about fashion etiquette when it comes to sweaters. Do you wear undershirts during your sweaters?

    I appreciate the response!

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