West Coast Living

tumblr_mltyrdTbPV1rylzipo1_500I want to be a surfer boy so bad.  From my attempted growing of the flow this summer, to throwing the “Hang Loose/Hang Ten” sign to total strangers, I wish that the upper east coast had a bit more of a west coast feel to it.  I want the surfing, the nice weather, the great views, the ambiance, the entertainment industry, and all that jazz.  But this post is meant to be more than just me rambling on about my desire to like a Californian.  Rather, it is meant to make you realize that you should do the things that please you in a healthy manner.  I live in Buffalo, but the reputation of the west coast is something that catches my attention.  So when the weather is warm, I try to reflect that lifestyle as well as I can, wherever I am, because it makes me happy.

It’s a bummer that some industries and some environments are limited to locations.  West Coast living gets the reputation for being care free and laid back.  It seems that in the right areas (San Diego) there are nothing but surf shops, healthy people, stoners, etc.  The nonchalantness of the area sounds amazing.  But hey, these are all speculations and assumptions, we know life is more than surfing and chilling.  Why not at least imagine that that is entirely the way they live:  Stress free, surrounded by the ocean and beaches…  This song lays it out pretty well:

Cali bro.  So enough of me sounded as if I’m so jealous freak.  One would say, “Hey idiot, if you love the idea of it so much, move out there.”  It’s not that simple.  Being in Buffalo, I wish we could find ways to incorporate a little bit more of this type of lifestyle.  Ready for retirement but not ready to face the boredom?  Go open up a surf shop, or at least work part time at one.  SURFER_468x334

Now that the weather is nice, I advise those in the areas that have winters like the Ice Age to enjoy the sun, get outside, throw beach parties, hang out by the pool, be laid back, buy a surf board (if not for usage, for coasting on the water), and more or less just enjoy yourself.  I guess I have laid out that I love the beach, the sun, surfing, and things of the sort.  I’m not telling you to enjoy these things, but rather to find what you do enjoy, and live it to the fullest.  Summer is my favorite time of the year and I am certainly going to try and enjoy it in the most stress-free of lifestyles as I can.  Find your time and enjoy it to the max.080723_surfers5

It is so common today for people to work like mindless drones and do things that they simply don’t enjoy.  A lot of people feel that they don’t have the luxury to do what they are passionate about.  I hope that you can figure out that there are ways around this.  Take chances.  Move somewhere if you hate where you live.  Quit your job if you hate what you do.  You have one, precious life, live it to the fullest capacity and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

… This was me rambling.  I’ll be talking about how to throw some fun summer bashes in my upcoming posts.


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