The Short Sleeve Button Down


I remember one of my close buddies showing up to school one day with a short sleeve button down shirt that was baggy and horrible.  He made it worse by throwing a tie on with it.  He looked like Michael Bolton from the movie Office Space.  In case you haven’t seen the movie, think of the way an accountant from 1980 would dress, and there you have it.  The kid got harassed all day and let’s just say he never showed up in that shirt again.

Moments like these can make a man super insecure to wear a specific item of clothing.  Since then, the short sleeve button down shirt has been crafted by many major designers and has been made to look and fit marvelously.  I own one or two and have to admit to still being a bit weary to wear them, but if you do it right, it can be a solid acquisition.

Often times you’ll see men on vacation wearing those terrible Tommy Bahama shirts.  The shirt is supposed to tell people that you’re on vacation.  It is big, Hawaiian-looking, and so terribly unstylish.  It is exactly this scene:

And this one:

So how can you be sure your short sleeve button down is a stylish one?  Here are some hints:marc-by-marc-jacobs-ink-blue-multi-heart-check-short-sleeve-sport-shirt-slim-fit-product-2-3402426-312316498_large_flex

  • The shirt must be slim fitting.  Anything over sized will look similar to those 2 movie clips.  Unless you’re going for the “This was stylish ten years ago and I still like it” look, then the shirt must be slim fit.
  • The shirt should pretty much surround your biceps.  You don’t want this type of shirt fitting you loosely anywhere on your body.  The tighter on your arm muscles, the better.
  • The shirt, when untucked, should go no further than the middle of your pockets.  I enjoy this shirt both tucked and untucked, but if you decide to go untucked, don’t let it look to big on you.
  • Under the appropriate circumstances, wear a vest.

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