Movie Review: This Is The End

This-Is-The-End-Rogen-Franco-HilcblOne thing that came from seeing that movie this weekend was that it reminded me that I have a man crush on James Franco.  GQ cover star, director, actor, blah blah blah, dude is killing it.  He was hysterical in the movie which helped his cause, from my point of view.

This Is The End was somewhat of a stoner comedy that will have the entire audience (stoner or not stoner) laughing.  The cast consisted of a heavy dose of major celebs including James Franco, Seth Rogen (director/writer), Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Emma Watson, Michael Sera, and many more!  this-is-the-end

The actors all play themselves in the film, and on a regular, everyday evening, James Franco throws a housewarming party, which just so happens to fall on the night of a worldwide event that could lead to the end of all time and all life.  The group of actors has to find a way to survive the night and the next few days to stay alive and fight whatever it is that is causing this mass destruction.

If you are familiar with the cast, you will understand why I am deeming this the funniest movie of the summer, and one of the funnier movies I’ve seen.  If you liked Pineapple Express, you will love This Is The End.  I give it a 9/10 from a comedy standpoint.  From an overall movie critic POV I say 8-8.5 out of 10.


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