Step Up Your Shoe Game

Now days, many shoe companies are kind enough to produce dress shoes at (fairly) reasonable prices.  Where you once stood out for your dress shoes because you were the one willing to invest, now everyone seems to have a stellar pair of kicks.  So how can you stand out?  photo

Color up those laces!! It’s so simple, and now we are making it even simpler for you!  J Norman & Co. are producing our own waxed/colored shoe laces.  J Norman Accessories are on the rise and will be coming in within the next few weeks.  Be sure to come in and pick one of our 8 colors for dirt cheap prices!!Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.11.07 PM

There’s a difference between a guy who wears a solid pair of Cole Haan wingtips and a guy who wears those same shoes with a pair of colored laces.  The man with the laces immediately gets seen as the more fashion savvy one of the two and the shoes have that little bit of flare to them.  The colored laces are stylish and sophisticated and are seen in the offices of stock brokers, to the everyday men’s fashion magazines.  0145619351d32df52f091676111b8101


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