Who Said Save the Bubbly For Special Occasions?

Sparkling wine, prosecco, champagne and rose should not be looked at as drinks to only have on special occasions.  What jerk ever came up with that concept?  What is more refreshing on a summer afternoon than a glass of some sort of tasty, light, sparkling-type wine.  I know some men will think their masculinity is way too extreme for them to ever allow themselves to drink this type of a beverage when they are not at a wedding, but come on.  Your beer gut will thank you for the switch.Sparkling_Wine_by_ahermin

Imagine being on the beach, and you pull up your cooler and you have a few selections of chilled proseccos and champagnes to choose from.  Being able to lightly sip on a refreshing beverage that has a nice taste may be the exact thing you’re looking for.

Just the other night, I brought a bottle of sparkling wine over to a buddies house for a hockey game and one asked, “Are you celebrating or something?”  I just shook my head, no, and poured ourselves a glass of this treat.PeachSorbellini

The light carbonation is refreshing in these types of drinks and makes you feel like you’re drinking some sort of pop.  I recommend these drinks for a beach day, for a party, and even at a bar.  Mix things up a bit and be confident when you do so.  Don’t think pricing on these drinks is any different than on a bottle/glass of wine.  It’s not.  There are some great bottles of sparkling wines/champagnes for under $20.  IMA Pizza Party 001

If you’re not at a bar, don’t worry about drinking them out of a flute.  A rocks glass will give you a more manly feeling anyways if you’re feeling a bit insecure.  Also, if you want to change spice things up you can always do this:

  • Add a liquor to the wine with a splash of pop or juice
  • Simply add some sort of juice to the wine
  • Throw some fruit on it/in it and the women will love it

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