Was Last Night’s Game the Best Playoff Basketball Game of All Time?

lebron-james-headband-nba-finals-game-6Seriously though, it could have been.  Since the Michael Jordan era, I have never found myself so into a game.  The constant back and forth battles, to the superstars of each team emerging when they needed it, the game was filled with dramatics.  I don’t know how the rest of neutral America felt, but every time the Heat hit a shot, I found myself fist pumping and shouting happily at the TV.  I felt like I became a legit Miami Heat fan last night…

Rooting so hard for a game 7, I found that all I could do is root for Miami.  I sincerely enjoy watching both teams play.  The Spurs are filled with an all-around sound team, led by Tony Parker, and most often play such solid fundamental basketball.  Anyone who says they hate the Spurs will most likely tell you it’s, “Because they are boring to watch.”  Pssh.  As for the Heat, how can you truthfully say you don’t enjoy watching the best basketball player on the planet play the game? joey-crawford-nba-finals-game-6

The two teams are both on my list of teams to root for through the season.  To me, and many others I have addressed this situation, the NBA is different from other professional sports.  Where in sports like hockey, baseball, and football, I find that I do specifically root for one team, and then have a few others that I also root for when my number 1 team is slumping.  In basketball, a sport dominated so greatly by the superstar players, it is hard to really pick a team to root for.  Not to mention that even if there is a guy (like Lebron) that you specifically enjoy watching, he is bound to have one or a few, overly ego-driven players on the team that you can’t stand.  There are so many primadonnas in this sport it is almost annoying.  And honestly, a lot of the big shots can be put into that category.

My point is that in basketball, because I root for players, as opposed to teams, I find myself cheering for a number of squads throughout the season.  Some of which are rivals.  I am one of few people that actually understands sports and sport rivalries, that can say that I like the Los Angeles Lakers, but I also like the Boston Celtics.

So when I watched this game last night, being a fan of both teams, I really found myself over-aggressively rooting for the Heat.  Now, I can’t see myself turning the tide and going with San Antonio.  I predicted a game 7 win by San Antonio, but boy is it going to be hard to defeat the Heat after such a major win.

The reason I ask the question, “Was last night’s game the best playoff basketball game of all time?” is because I truly think it was.  The Heat were down and seemingly out, and who else but Lebron James came through in the clutch.  Even after studs like Tony Parker kept hitting big shots and more or less kicking the Heat while they were down, the Heat prevailed.  Even when, with under 30 seconds left, the Heat were down 5, and many of their fans had left the arena, the Heat prevailed.  And even when the yellow tape was being set up for the Spurs celebration to come, the Heat found a way to bite down and keep going.

Ray Allen hit the biggest shot of his career to help his boys get into overtime, while Lebron just manhandled the Spurs in the 4th.  Lebron got a little out of control towards the end, but he is the reason that team is going to play a game 7.  ray-allen-three-pointers-nba-finals-game-6

I didn’t want to focus on the Heat so strongly in this article, but how can you not.  Many critics are saying San Antonio choked and that the Heat should not have won this game.  I don’t believe that is the case.  I think San Antonio lacked being clutch, but I do not think they blew it.  I think Lebron James and the Miami Heat buckled down and got shit done when it needed to get done.  Hopefully game 7 will not be anticlimactic

For anyone who watched the game (and reads this entire article), my biggest question is: Should Lebron wear the headband in game 7???


5 thoughts on “Was Last Night’s Game the Best Playoff Basketball Game of All Time?

  1. The best playoff game ever: Game 5 of the 1976 finals between the Celtics and the Suns. A 128-126 triple over-time win for the Celtics. At the end of the 2nd OT. The Celtics took the lead with 15 seconds left. The suns take the lead with 4 seconds left. The Celtics retake the lead with 1 second left. The court had to be cleared because the game was thought to be over, and the crowd stormed it. The Suns then called timeout with none remaining to intentionally get a technical foul, so that they can inbound the ball at mid-court after the foul shot. They tie the game at the buzzer. The Celtics eventually win in the 3rd overtime, and the series in 6 games. I was only 7 years old, but I still remember it.

    That being said, last nights game ranks right up there. And no, Lebron shouldn’t wear the head band.

  2. Absolutely not. While the game was entertaining, it was very sloppy. It was the fourth highest rated game in NBA history in terms of tv ratings, but definitely the best playoff basketball game of all time.

    • I believe you contradicted yourself a bit. “Absolutely not”, and then “but definitely the best playoff basketball game of all time.” I believe you wanted a “not” in there.

      It was a bold statement (the article title), but just wanted to see what people thought.

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