The First Muscle a Girl Notices On a Man

It’s officially beach season, so hopefully you put your work boots on in the offseason so that you can confindently lose the shirt at the beach.

So you’re at the beach and you do decide to ditch the shirt…  Question is, which muscle do you think women’s eyes are drawn to first?  daniel-craig-james-bond-swimsuit-01122011-16-350x300

1. Abs- I’d have to say that this gets my number one vote, but it is up for debate.  I feel that the stomach is a very telling body part as to whether or not a man is in decent shape.  You don’t need to have rock hard abs to pass that test, but the flatter it is, the better your chances are with the viewing crowd.  Do some sit-ups  and see if you catch their eye a bit more.

2. Chest- This gets my number 2 vote.  Not sure what it is, but as a kid, I felt that most of my buddies enjoyed having a decent sized chest and making sure they weren’t rocking a beer gut.  A fit chest can go a long way.

3. Arms- Arm muscles are overrated.  Jersey Shore killed that one for everyone.  Thanks Ronnie and Mike.  Focus on keeping your arms lean and cut rather than big and bulky.  Fit triceps are the new big biceps.

4. Back- Someone once referred to their beach muscles as their back muscles and I was a bit unsure where he was coming from.  Unless you’re a body builder, no need to put too much of an effort on back muscles.



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