The Perfect Father’s Day/Groomsmen Gift

Have you heard of eShave?  eShave is a shave brand that offers the finest shaving products including shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving oil, after shave balm, after shave lotion, artistically designed badger shaving brush and luxury razors.  Talk about shaving with class…  eShave is the sleekest sharpest way to shave yourself and it has incredibly effective results and it can all be found at J Norman & Co., formally known as Tony Walker Men’s Shop, located at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.eshave-group-shot

They make shave cremes for ultra sensitive skin, they make cremes that have anti aging products in them, they produce a pre-shave oil that makes shaving literally enjoyable, and their product is astonishingly affordable!  To top it off,it’s just a sexy way to shave.  James Bond uses shave brushes, so should you:

Shave brushes are meant to soften the skin before shaving, while also opening your pores and raising the hairs.  This way, you do not need to shave against the grain to get that clean shave you are shooting for.

eShave, The Experts in Men’s Shaving, was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as the premier manufacturer of Men’s Shaving Supplies. They’ve grown their brand and  website to include everything you need for a close and comfortable shave:


eShave promotes the art of classic shaving and is your “how to shave” headquarters with shaving tips & advice.  They are committed to you through continuous customer feedback, product improvements and unparalleled customer service. You can count on eShave for all your men’s shaving needs! Put us to the test and experience what perfect shave feels like.  Here’s our eShave rep, Aaron, killing it last night at our event.


eShave can be sold in packages, or the products like razors, brushes, cremes, and stands can all be sold individually.  All can be found at J Norman & Co. located at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.


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