The Suit of the Summer and How to Wear It

The tan suit is back!  Actually, did it ever leave?  Regardless, the tan suit should be utilized this summer!  Be careful though, often times people go back to their old suits and put them on thinking they’re going to look as good as they once did, but you could run into some problems like so:

  • The suit is not tailored to your liking- Chances are, when you bought the suit, you were not a J Norman Post reader.  Well now you are, and you are aware of how silly you will look in an oversized suit.
  • The pants are pleated- This is a major no no.  Pleated pants scream I’m an old person with no sense of style.

After you’ve conquered these feats, remember these style tips to rocking the tan suit this summer:

1. Dress it down: A tan suit is not meant to be the flashiest suit in your closet, so why try to make it be something it’s not.  So throw on your casual summer sneaks (Tretorns) and dress that khaki suit down.  A tie is up to you.  Throw a bow tie on and make a supreme mesh of casual meets dressy!  People will be amazed.



2. Dress it Up: Khaki suits are a hit at weddings, so why not dress it up a bit.  Throw on a pair of blue loafers and match it with a blue bow tie or some sort of sear sucker tie.  You’ll dazzle.01f53edb7a4f90d6241e2c3da08c4f3c

3. Lose the tie: It’s as simple as that.  Lose the tie.  But know that in doing such, you put more pressure on your shirt and pocket square.  Choose wisely. 178d62b96c7b067deb80c6e3898e90f94. Be bold with it: Who says you have to wear a light colored button down underneath?  Keep it summer with the khaki suit but keep it curious with the dark button down…3e439462aa233c55a78b65818fed4a30


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