Be Ballsy

Being ballsy in the fashion world doesn’t mean you have to dress like Dwayne Wade, rather it means you should simply start taking steps to be a little less conservative when you can.  One big way to do so: The Bow Tie.

Wearing a bow tie is a statement.  Whether it is for a wedding or something you want to wear for a casual night on the town, a bow tie can be worn in many ways with many different personalities.

1. With a suit: A common question men ask in regards to bow ties is, “Can they be worn with a suit?”  The answer is yes!  A bow tie is not simply for tuxedos and yacht clubs.  Wear it with the appropriate suits and know that my preference is to wear them with tan and blue suits. 1000802_727716932919_282271353_n

2. Wedding: Black silk bow ties are usually the common theme to a black tie wedding, or if you are in the wedding party.  But if it is not a black tie wedding, and you are not a groomsman, shnazz things up a bit and wear a bow tie that stands out for the right reasons.  1daecd84706b07202b871d706ec57607

3. Black Tie Events: Black tie event means tuxedo, but still, sometimes men sneak in their dark colored suits and throw on a black tie/bow tie.  I sometimes think this looks better.  Try it out.487099_683495582859_484044488_n

4. Casual Bow Ties: My favorite casual bow tie look is a pair of dress pants, a button down shirt, a vest (usually the matching vest to your pants), the sleeves rolled up, and a bow tie on.  The vest without a jacket and the sleeves rolled up really casual it up as much as you can with a bow tie.  It is a sleek and trendy way to wear a bow tie.

As a matter of fact, so long as you ditch the suit coat, where it with any jacket/hoodie that fits well and mix things up a bit.  539f6a26389e2ec10e9eb1478605f958

5. Boosting Your Bow Tie is as Easy as Swapping Shirts: You don’t need to wear your bow ties with plain white shirts.  Where them with your chambray shirts, your pinks, your blues and more.  Make a dramatic statement with this.  Instead of being quick to switch ties, think to switch shirts first. c74a7fec448302ce812dd17c9f59f384


One thought on “Be Ballsy

  1. I like the idea of making the bow tie somewhat casual by wearing the vest without a jacket and rolling up the sleeves! What are your thoughts on matching a pocket square to the bow tie? I’ve heard that’s a no no, and they should contrast…but not sure if that’s the “rule”?

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