Weekend Jams

Product of Buffalo in this vid.  My cousin Jeff is a talented young hip hop artist in the city of Buffalo.  Check out he and his boy Mic at the Artvoice Talent Finals at Sportsmans Tavern. Check the event on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/events/318750264925331/

Here’s one of the two of them performing:


Good luck boys!


One thought on “Weekend Jams

  1. I posted the link to your bolukocb on my facebook page. Somebody asked me about it and this is what I wrote: ” There is something magical about Nadia that makes one want to see the world through her eyes/camera lens. So really, it is a sharing of the “experience” of reading the book, which, whether we think the same or not, will possible alter perception, perspective, and hopefully inspire us.” You might enjoy, “The Paper Garden”, by poet, Molly Peacock, about a woman from the 18th century who created a new art form, at the age of seventy-two. Sharon 🙂

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