Bloodline Handmade

Top notch custom-made suits available for consultation at J Norman &Co. at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Dandy


This past Thursday I was invited to attend the launch party for Bloodline Handmade at the First Niagara Center. Bloodline Handmade is a bespoke men’s tailoring company which sources the finest of fabrics and materials worldwide while keeping the manufacturing process right here in Buffalo. With expert tailors, cutters, and seamstresses, Bloodline is looking to create a product that exemplifies the world’s finest tailoring traditions at an affordable price point. Thus allowing every gentleman who cares about his appearance the opportunity to have garments that are completely hand made to his specifications.


Upon my arrival I spoke with the enthusiastic mastermind behind the company, Jason Edward Blood. A fellow Buffalo transplant like myself, Jason hails from “all over the place, most recently New York” and has just moved into Allentown and is absolutely enamored with this city and his fellow Buffalonians. “Everyone here has been so incredible and welcoming. Through word of mouth…

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