The End of Dive Bars and Clubs

Is there anything more disheartening then walking into an old, shitty bar, and seeing the “Regulars” sitting there at the bar about to take their 5th shot of Jameson and chase it with their 8th beer?  It really is a sad scene.  You don’t want to see people drinking like that.  I understand that people have certain issues and addictions in their lives, and I pray for them, really I do, but if this is NOT you, why put yourself around that situation?  Don’t you want to go somewhere to grab a drink where you can feel elegant and sophisticated?dive-bar-sign

Once you get past the age of 20-21, hitting those obnoxious clubs gets old really fast.  The over-amplified bass, the too-high of treble, the strobe lights, the stumbling, drunken teenagers, the bar fights all just lose it’s excitement as you approach the age of legality (21).  This goes without saying, that you shouldn’t be hanging out at those types of bars anymore.  If that’s your gig, go hang out with the cast of The Jersey Shore.

I remember back in my blur of a younger 20s, hanging out at a local dive bar in Buffalo, known as Dooley’s.  This bar allowed me and all my friends to mesh with the regulars there about as comfortably as a kid from Harvard rolling through the ghettos of LA.  We were the young assholes disgracing their bar.  The bar that is quite hard to be disgraced, broke several laws.  In Buffalo, you are only allowed to be open until 4 AM, but it was anything but uncommon for the bar to be open until 6-7 AM with people stumbling out afterwards.  It has been illegal to smoke in bars from some time now, and when you walk into this place, you get punched in the face by a cloud of cigarette smoke.  Let’s just say, being seen walking out of this place could seriously effect your image.  SmokeyBar3

Now days, once people get past their younger ages, shouldn’t they want to enjoy their drinking moments (responsibly) at a finer establishment?  When I go out to have a drink I want to know that I can order a white wine comfortably without the bar tender looking at me like I have 2 heads.  I want to be at a place where I feel I should be wearing some sort of sport jacket to fit in with the crowd.  I want to feel elegant and sophisticated when I am out.  I want to be able to throw on a jacket and tie and know that I won’t be the outcast.  This is the type of bar I want to be seen at:

Dive bars and clubs are on their way out, and as sad as it may be for some, it may be the best thing.  We are seeing a development of classy bars/restaurants that stay open until later hours.  These newer/classier establishments are usually lit up with comfortably dimmed lighting, soothing and entertaining music, a good list of cocktails, liquors, beers and wine, and are meant to make it’s customers feel relaxed, important, and elegant all at once.  MV5BNjE4Mzc4OTIwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDUwODk4Ng@@._V1._SX640_SY397_

My advice is to venture to bars like this.  You will meet a classier woman, you will have a better time, it will be more peaceful, and you will want to go back.  This is why J. Norman & Co. (formally known as Tony Walker Men’s Shop), located at 5110 Main Street, Buffalo NY, is building a classy and elegant bar within our store.  We want to bring in those of you that are tired of the dive bars, the club scenes, and the overpopulated sports bars.  We want your experience to be one that is remembered and one that you will want to replicate.  With our fine selections of drinks and food, we will be a spot you will feel comfortable at.  5389748822_a3a59ce35d_z


2 thoughts on “The End of Dive Bars and Clubs

  1. I had an interview in NYC a month back and the company put me up in the Ace Hotel in Manhattan.

    The lobby bar was a type of bar I’ve never been in before and I loved it. Worth the google image search.

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