The Power of Grey

When it comes to men’s attire, there really ins’t a more suitable and friendly color than the infamous grey.  When I say friendly, I mean that it has an unlimited amount of complimentary colors.  Want to wear purple, pink, or an awful lime green?  No problem, I’ll mesh it together with some grey.e4744cdc11eea93f4fe9e7a4ca635b5f

Grey is arguably the simplest color to mesh other colored items with.  Seriously, think about it.  When it comes to a grey suit, you are not limited to black or brown shoes/belts, you can wear just about every colored undershirt with it, tie selection is limitless, and it will always coordinate great with grey.  2d2ace878b9aeb31e805f926e58a20c3

Lay out some grey sweaters/suits/or whatever you have and pair it with a color you are looking to wear.  Chances are it will look solid whether it’s pink or blue.  I am a particular fan of grey mixed with red or black.6fd55d8a1ea44616e3feb6b2d122f0c1-1


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