Summer Grooming, Anyone?

I showered, shaved, threw on my suit, and within seconds of stepping outside, began to sweat immediately.  Summer weather is here!  It’s official.  I made sure to go tie-less today as well as sock-less to keep the sweating to a minimum.  Don’t mistake my comments for complaints, I am the biggest warm weather fan in the world!  I am so excited for the weather to come.

With summer, comes different looks, styles, wardrobes, skin colors and more.  Everyone is starting to look and feel a little better as the warm weather continues to spread.  You may find yourself asking, “What new look can I go for this summer?  Should I grow my hair or cut it?  Shave or be scruffy?  Keep the hamburger meat or go baby smooth?  Ditch the ball fro or keep it retro?”  Not to worry, come summer time, people find themselves wondering these things and here is my advice.

When it comes to grooming, there is a fine line between too much and just right.  No woman wants to see a man more manicured than she is.  However, this does not mean you shouldn’t take care of business when it needs to be taken care of.


I have decided I’m growing the flow this summer.  Some people like to keep their hair short for the warm weather so that they will stay cool, and I have been a user of that strategy, but not this summer.  I’m letting it go until I can pass for a Cali surfer.  But what should you do?  As always, my advice is to change things up.  I have had the high and tight “Mad Men” haircut for the past year or so, which is why I want to grow out my piece.  757cc4045692cca5617ab1b7ab70276f-1

So if you are one of those who has had the same hair cut for too long here’s my advice.  Grow it out or dramatically cut it.  Being in Buffalo I see horrid hair cuts constantly.  The ‘same lengthy all around look’ is really unacceptable these days.  If you want to cut it, go for the high and tight look that most cast members of The Great Gatsby were seen with.  If you want to grow it, commit to it and trim it on your own in spots where it gets too fluffy.  9ed1aeacf082b48d74eded7597569013


If you’re clean shaven on a regular basis, do yourself a favor and grow that scruff when you can.  Every man looks better with facial hair during the summer.  cbe47befee6e43804581e9cce743d0cc


One of my buddies has more or less trademarked his chest hair.  My friends and I always commented on it back when he was my roommate and he’d strut around shirtless.  Then, one day he sent us a picture of he and his girl on the beach with his chest shaven and asked us to see what was different.  It took about a second for us to notice.  It was hysterical. Shaving-Chest-Hair1

When it comes to grooming, you can grow it, trim it, or bic it.  I bic it, and I catch some shit from time to time for it, but I just like how I look with a cleaner chest and stomach.  There’s really no right or wrong here, but my advice is to trim it down with an electric razor and see how you feel.  Go dramatic after that and razor it baby clean!

Below the Belt:

It’s summer.  Body hair makes you sweat.  Do yourself and whoever else may be down there a favor and keep it clean.  Again, similar to the chest, buzz it electrically first and then go all out when you’re ready.  For hygiene purposes alone, this is the right move. d5096bf17c2384921e294c4df6bff27b

Eyebrows, nails, etc.:

As I stated before, no girl wants their man more manicured than she.  So pluck the brows, but don’t wax or shave them to a point that they look silly.  Men are supposed to look rugged, keep that in mind.  No manicures or pedicures!  Ever!


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